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Why a new temple?


The Hindu community is growing in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The Durga temple will fulfill the spiritual needs of this growing community. This temple will be a hub for all generations to pray, learn, and support each other.

This temple will be a place to teach our future generations about the practice of our religion. More importantly, it will be a place to teach them about the principles of Sanatan Dharm, so they can go into the world with faith and confidence in their culture and background.

The temple will also serve as a place to hold activities aimed at the cultural and spiritual development of our community and will provide the community a social gathering point.


Project Timeline & Milestones

* Temple under construction, opening in 2024.

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 8.33.54 PM.png

Recent activities:
Successful Fund-Raising Event on 30th Oct 2021 – Thank you to all who attended and pledged support
Building construction started July 2021
Bhumi Pooja in fall, 2020.

Temple construction blue prints

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