About the Temple

Our History


The Durga Temple of St. Louis is run by  a non-for-profit parent organization: the Geeta Ramayan Group of St. Louis.  The Geeta Ramayan Group of St. Louis is an all-volunteer, non-political, tax-deductible charitable organization registered in Missouri.  The founding members first met in the late 1960s when the Indian population of St. Louis consisted of only a group of students and a few families. The group
was officially formed in September 1970 to promote the Hindu religion, Indian culture, as well as the educational enrichment of the Hindu community present in St. Louis.  This group supports spiritual education and encourages the coming generations to practice the concepts of the Hindu religion, which is an open-sourced “way of life”. The group also supports social and humanitarian causes for the greater good.

Our Team


President: Mr. Surinder Sabherwal

Vice President: Mr. Megh Singh

Secretary: Mrs. Anu Dixit

Treasurer: Mr. Sukhdev Seehra

Policies & Procedures


We will work for the Durga Temple of St Louis with a selfless service and attitude with one goal in mind: “Promotion of our culture and religion”. Differences in opinions may arise but we will resolve them in a civil manner by discussion and through the democratic method of majority rule. We will abide by the core principles of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. We will also work without any personal agenda or ownership. We will work as an instrument of God and will behave with a non-doer mentality. We will work to our best without attachment to the results.  This is, after all, a temple of acceptance and guidance.

*The detailed policies, procedures, bylaws, and constitution are always being developed.