The Big Project

Why a new temple?


This question has been asked many times. 
The Durga temple will be built to fulfill the needs of the growing community of St Louis. This temple will be a hub for all generations to pray, educate, and support eachother. This temple will encourage our assembly and future generations to be educated to practice our religion, but more importantly, its principles, with faith and confidence. This will be a place of worship and engaging activities aimed at the cultural and spiritual development of the community for everyone. This temple will also provide a social gathering locus for the whole community.  

Our Mission


Our mission on behalf of the Durga temple is to involve each and every one of you, with the straight-forward motto “A temple is for ALL”, and to also provide a forum for religious worship and celebratory occasions, as well as cultural, religious, and spiritual development activities based on Sanatana Dharma traditions.

Our Vision


The Durga temple will be a primary center of Hindu religious and cultural activities in the St. Louis Metro area, meeting growing needs of all major sects, and regional cultural groups. The temple will strive to be all inclusive and the facilities will be available to all community members who have faith and respect for the Vedic Scriptures and Dharma.

Building Layouts


1149 Building Elevation with FRP Decorat

Financial Objectives


Our goal is to raise substantial funds to start Phase I of the construction of the Durga Temple, which would include the Bhumi Pooja (groundbreaking), site development (including the parking lot), worship hall, kitchen, and bathrooms; an overall total of 12000 sf. for both levels.
The land has already been paid for and the cost of the building is proposed to be at least $1.5 million. 

Timeline & Milestones



•    Fundraiser Oct 2021


•    Building construction started July 2021

•    Bhumi Pooja in fall, 2020.
•    Building construction to start late 2021

Temple Brochure